Camping Report: Shipshewana, Indiana


Returned from 4 days of camping in Indiana with the Amish (who loved my little dog barking at their big horses). Notes: When you take you PU into the dealer for warranty repairs, check them before you put the camper away for the winter. We STILL have the same trouble that we had last season with the lights. Get this: The outlets work. The fridge works fine on electric. The overhead lights and the thermostat for the furnance don’t. Good thing that I took my craft light so we did have light. And the new heater that we purchased didn’t work. So we had to buy one of them too! Boy, Friday night was cold! Alan is taking the camper up to the dealer with a list of stuff that we want fixed on it. Since it’s still under warranty, they can have all if it. Sigh!

So – Shipshewana Campgound is an RV park. Straight and simple. No good playground for kids. Small lots. No walking trails, nothing really for kids to do. The johns were clean, but one stall, one shower (hey, RVs have all that stuff). I’d hate to see this place when it was busy! We were the only non-fifth wheel there!! And the only persons who didn’t spend all their time in their unit. So, if you want to head to Shipshewana, go to the KOA, Twin Mills or Riverside Campground.

Oh man, sorry you are having problems with the popup, I don’t think I knew that. Brr, I know it was cold here at night, so I can imagine you guys were quite chilly in the camper. Oh well on the campground, at least you know where you don’t want to go during peak season hahaha. Glad you made it back safe and sound. I hope Alan has good luck with the dealer.

Well, we thought that the camper was fixed. Al just called me to let me know that he took it in, and it’s under warranty until next February. Al described absolutely everything that was wrong with the lights, the sequence, etc and the dealer agreed that it sounds like the converter for the electric is screwed up or that we have a short somewhere. They are going to take the whole thing apart (electric) to figure out where the problem is. Then they will fix the two curtain cords that popped out (I was able to fix them so that they worked, but since it’s there and under warranty, they can fix them!)

The dealer also told us how we could have had our furnace working – with a battery charger that was plugged into the electric from the campground. Du’h! Hubby said that he never thought of it…

Well I sure am glad that they are going to fix everything Liz. Sounds like a big problem for such a new camper. I guess there is always the chance you will run into that, no matter what you buy. Too bad Alan didn’t think of the alternate way to hook up the heat hehe. Oh man, where did they go for the food? La Shish? I could really go for some good tabouleh!