Some Really Easy Camping Recipes


I’m looking for some really easy camping recipes – either simple to make on-site, or ones that you do most of the prep work at home. I don’t like to dirty too many pots and pans, ’cause they’re a pain to clean when tent camping! What are your favorites? Any great websites with recipes you’d recommend? I would like to make a section on camping recipes for the camping section of my senior citizen’s site. Does anyone have any tested and easy recipes that I could include.


Great biscuits over the fire

Easy Camping Recipes

Easy Camping Recipes

I am a complete novice when it comes to cooking while camping, so I’ll be interested in hearing what others have to say too. The last time I went, I did make some great biscuits over the fire though. No pans to clean, just use refrigerated biscuits, lay them so that they’re toughing on a piece of aluminum foil sprayed with cooking spray. Then cover them with another piece of foil, leaving enough room for expansion. I cooked them on a grate over hot coals. i can’t remember how long it took, but they were the best biscuits. Mmm!

I too am always looking for no mess recipes (like packet cooking and boil in a bag) I tried packet cooking chicken, but it didn’t work quite like it was supposed to. I’ll probably try again this summer. Also tried the boil in a bag and I don’t think my bags were heavy-duty enough because it melted and I ended up with very watered down spaghetti sauce. LOL So any tips anyone has about these two cooking methods would be greatly appreciate it.

Camping cooking advice

If you are cooking over coals with packets of aluminum foil, remember to add about a 1/2 tablespoon of water or an ice cube prior to cooking. The steam created over the fire gives a more consistent “doneness” to whatever it is you are cooking. See you in the mountains.

I think the key to not messing up pots and pans is to forget recipes

Take fresh fruit and veggies – different kinds of cheeses and crackers to munch on. You can make salads ahead of time. Also take things you can cook over a campfire on a stick like chicken hot dogs. To avoid the most mess stay away from meat. You can buy a vegetarian cookbook and come up with some great ideas also.

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