Light Food for Camping


Anyone have any good packing list for food? I probably will be heading up around July 4, and want to pack light. I usually pack some rice, oatmeal, instant noodles, some canned fish, dried fruit, and a whole frozen game hen.  The game hen being dinner the first night.


Belgian waffles

I found boxes of these wonderful Belgian waffles at Sam’s. A big box has 12 waffles in it, individually packed. The waffles have the butter and maple syrup baked into them. They’re fine cold out of the package, and are awesome for camping because you don’t have to cart around the butter and syrup and all for them.

Waffles with peanut butter

Sam’s offered those begin waffles with peanut butter spread on them to sample and they were VERY tasty. Great idea!

Instant mash potato flakes

Light Food for Camping

Light Food for Camping

When I backpack, I take some instant mash potato flakes. I mix them up with chili to give me some additional “filler” food. Besides, flakes weigh almost nothing.

Don’t pack light on food!

No! Don’t pack light on food, that’s the best part of camping! Otherwise, find out where the “local” supermarkets are (where you don’t get sucked in to touristy high prices) and shop there for what you’ll need when you get there. Plan your menus in advance so you’ll know exactly what to pick up. Speaking of – here’s a call to the group for a shopping list!

We love eating while camping

I’m with you, we love eating while camping, the food tastes better! We don’t start a fire at home and hang our pot over it, or rake coals around our dutch oven (as a rule). I love the art of campfire cooking.

Photo by RichardBH.

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