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I make a camping packing list and still feel like I’m taking half the house. Over the years I’ve pared down. We tend to go for a week at a time. The worst packing nightmares are October trips, when you need may bathing suits or winter wear, and heaven forbid you should leave either half home. It’s been 84 and it’s been 0.

I’ve simplified my cooking a bit so 2 pans is ok. I vacillate between paper plates and bowls and the real thing. I just HATE washing greasy stuff when camping. The plate drainer is gone from the gear. Food wise we really try to bring stuff that needs no refrigeration because the ice issue is a pain.

What to Packing for a Trip?

What to Packing for a Trip?

We bring:

  • 11×11 tent/screen house depending on season or location
  • folding table, folding chairs, 5 gallon bucket with seat
  • solar/crank flashlight/radio, and a solar lantern
  • 2 big foam mattresses/oversize sleeping bags/pillows
  • stove/lighter, 5 gallon water jug/paperowels/2potholders/2 hand towels
  • box of trash bags/ziploc bags
  • slotted spoon, ladle, spatula, frying pan, 2 qt saucepan, lids
  • dish soap, basin, can opener
  • cinnamon, s & p, garlic powder, instant milk, powdered eggs, cocoa, a gallon
  • ziploc with condiments gathered from here & there
  • hatchet, rope, clothespins, first aide kit,
  • toiletries – toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes & paste, 3 towels (thin to dry quick), comb, bug repellant, 50 proof sunscreen, pocket size othello game, book
  • food & clothes
  • then add the reason for going – fishing gear,

I use a canvas bag in the truck with maps, binoculars, reading glasses, bottled water and snacks for the ride, toll money, anything I”ll need in a hurry – especially the Tylenol ;) Did I miss anything? What to packing for a trip?


Thanks for sharing your camping packing list

Thank you so much for sharing your camping packing list. It’ll definitely help me to compare it to what I need for our trips here and what I’m actually bringing.

I think packing too much food is also my downfall, but only because we always seem to go camping with other families and despite prearranged plans such as you bring two meals and I’ll bring two meal or everyone bring your own food. I either don’t trust that the other person is really going to have estimated right for two extra people, or the other person ends up cooking their hamburger because they brought 2 lbs and so whatever I brought for that meal is left in the cooler. Short of being assertive and maybe rude, I don’t know a way around that.

I completely agree with you about washing greasy dishes while camping. My water just never seems to stay hot enough to make it easy to do. But I hate using paper plates (not to say that I don’t, we usually use a combo of both as well).

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