Ready for Spring


After the great weather this weekend, and yesterdays’ rain, I am so ready for spring! Hubby didn’t want to pop open that camper over the weekend, so we went shopping for things that we had talked about before.

We found, on clearance a ceramic heater, with about 3 times the power of the one that we have been using. Chevy, it was in the Target in Taylor if you are interested. It was $15.00, but some were marked $20. They had a lot of different styles and brands too. If you two need a heater for your camper, it might be worth going there. I also got a tote (like you might use for cleaning supplies) for schleping things in and out of the camper – like all the stuff to set the table with, so that you don’t have as many trips to make. Then I found a canvas shoe holder. I am going to use heavy duty velcro to hook it to the 2×4 piece of wood that is under the valance in the pop-up. Since we won’t be putting really heavy stuff in it, it should hold. If it doesn’t, then I’ll look at some kind of a hook to hang it on. I don’t want to put holes in the roof – I’ve seen pictures of what a
Jayco looks like inside (can you say styrofoam?)

Over at Value City, they had table clothes (flannel backed vinyl) for $2.99. I picked up two of them – two that weren’t as ugly as some of them. If you didn’t mind a seasonal theme on your picnic table, they did have Easter ones for $1.99, but since my husbands family is Jewish, I decided that the dollar was worth it.

At Bed, Bath and Beyond we found the storage unit that we had been looking for. It’s one of those plastic shelving units with the casters on the bottom (although we may never put those on it), and it has a laminate top (faux wood), so it’s fairly sturdy. That will go over the sink (since we never use it) for more storage. We looked at first aid kits and was appalled by the prices. I have one, but it’s about 15 years old, and I should replace almost everything in it. I’ll have to keep looking around for another kit, maybe on Ebay… Spring – I can’t wait for Easter weekend camping!

Wow! Sounds like you hit the jackpot! I love shopping for the camper lol We have a ceramic heater, love it, it sure heats good! I like getting seasonal stuff for camping… Especially table clothes. I like to keep a few different ones for different holidays. Enjoy your goodies!

Well our popup is stuck in a rut in the backyard hahaha. Our neighbor is going to pull it out with his jeep for us. Good deal on the heater, I just saw another one somewhere too. We have a furnace in our popup (which I don’t want to use hehe) so I don’t think we need a heater. Oh, I was at AJ Wright the other day, and they have those plastic drawers for $10, and so does Value City Dept. Store. Great other ideas you have too Liz, thanks! I got some tablecloths cheap last year from somewhere, can’t remember where though hahaha. I’m not going to put the wheels on my drawers either hehe.