What is the Best Lightweight Backpacking Tent?


Any one had in experience with back pack tents that are small and lightweight if so any recommendations? Come this spring I am gonna go for three days in the Great Smokey Mountains. Just wondering what someone who has backpack camped would recommend that and a good lightweight pack? For I have always camped and never hiked and camped. But have done some day hiking this will be a new experience for me. When I think of items to bring first thing on my list that comes to mind is bear repellent? Next freeze dried food packs? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Eureka Timberline 2 – reliable, small and lightweight backpacking tent

For a reliable tent thats small and ultralight try the Eureka Timberline 2. The Bear repellant on the other hand buy ‚Äěcounter attack” it is the best; I had to use mine in the bwca. The food; well the depends on finances. Military MRE’s are good but, can be bulky. Try backpacker pantry.

My suggest is a 2 person backpacking tent

Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The Smokies are pretty nice even if the camping areas are a little crowded (to my limited experience there). Since you won’t be doing a lot of camping like this you probably don’t want a top of the line tent but don’t get a cheap tent either. I haven’t bought a tent in awhile so I’ll say almost $200 for an ok, medium quality 2 man tent.

And, a little extra room is always nice too if you wouldn’t mind a little extra weight. A 2 person backpacking tent has just enough room for two people and not much stuff so a 3 person tent lets you spread out a bit. Make sure you get a ground cloth (a piece of plastic is ok) for under your tent.

I wouldn’t worry about bear repellant, just make sure that any extra food is put away and that garbage too is away from your tent. And bagged good. That’s what the critters will want most is your food and scraps and not you.

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