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I’m thinking of purchasing one of those tents that you set up in the box of a pickup truck. Does anyone here have one of those or has any advice, suggestions or ideas on them before I purchase one. I have been using my old military tents but they are very heavy to carry and mess with but they are good tents especially on a prolonged camping trip where the weather changes.


I put up a tent in the back of my pickup truck

Pickup Tent - Tents for Pickup Trucks

Pickup Truck

During the summer months I put up a tent in the back of my pickup truck. But you have to be sure you’re on nearly level ground. In my case, I strip down to my bathing suit and sleep in a larger than normal air mattress. To do otherwise means I’d get wet. You see, I use a poly sheet liner in my truck and keep it filled with water. It also serves as my swimming pool. First year was tough until I got rid of the lobsters. Ouch!

On a serious note, any tent that will fit within the body of a pickup truck will work. Simply secure the tent to sidewall tiedowns if you’re not using a self-supporting type. Caution: park on a very slight slope and leave the tailgate open in case it rains. If you have sliding rear windows, you’ve got some great music too!

For added protection during impending rainy weather, it’s advisable to either stay home where it’s warm and dry OR put a tarp over the tent AND body of the box. You won’t be sorry.

Photo by mikebaird.

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