Self Erecting Tents – Someone Looking For?


Somebody asked about tents that you throw up into the air and they set themselves up! I can’t remember which group asked. What are your opinions about self erecting tents?


My advice is forget the self erecting tents!

While it may seem like a novel idea, the (bunjee-like cords) on the inside of the poles can unwind, break, and then you are screwed. It may work 5-7 times, and then there is no way to repair them if they break. I have subscribed to the theory that you should always buy name brand, reputable equipment… It will last a long time, the warrantees are credible, and there’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and having equipment failure!

Self Erecting Tents

Self Erecting Tents

I have bought “cheapy” gear and have had problems (American Camper lantern, the last one). Even if you camp 2, 3 times a year, your North Face, Sierra Designs, Kelty, (etc.) tents will last 10 years, and that’s far more economically feesable than buying a new tent every season! I am an extreme Desert camper, and encounter weather extremes… Pounding rain, sand and dust storms, and (God forbid), high winds.

I use a North Face Cumulus tent, 3 person, and a Sierra Designs (2 person) lightweight tent for backpacking. Both have held up in extreme conditions, and I’d never settle for a crappy-assed tent llike the self erecting tents just to save a few bucks. When it comes down to safety, durability, or just enjoyment in fair weather, spend the few extra bucks and get a good product!

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