Campfire Starter Tips


On another camping website I’m on had suggestions for starting a fire. Anyone here have a handy dandy trick to start a fire? We always have a hard time getting started. Here’s some they said:

1.) Take leftover, burned, table candles, cut them in one inch lengths, and wrap them in a square of waxed paper, like a piece of candy. (You twist the ends so the candle is in the middle, with a waxed paper “tail” at each end.)

Campfire Starter Tips

Campfire Starter Tips

2.) Take cardboard egg carton, put cupcake liner in cup, & fill the cups with either a mixture of paraffin & dryer lint or paraffin and leftover sawdust. Rip off one of the cups or remove the wax “cupcake” and light it up to aid in fire starting.


We have two large pine trees in our back yard

Before we go camping I go out and drag a paper bag of dry needles out from under the tree. The needles are the long kind. I find they are one of the best fire starters around! I just stuff them under any fire I’ve laid and light them up. I guess it is just an old girl scout camp trick! I have heard of the wax/sawdust/lint starters and heard they work well…

Photo by ninahale.

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