Go Camping Alone – Your Opinions?


I go camping alone. The problem – other campers. I love to (truck) camp. But all my friends are now married with kids and don’t seem to be able to go as much as I like (monthly on weekends). So I go alone. The problem – other campers. They look at me wondering what I’m doing there alone, when will my wife (I’m single) or friends are going to show up (some even ask). Any other people go camping alone and get this reaction. I guess it would be different if I would take a two/three day hike trip alone.


I share your enthusiasm for solo camping

Camping Alone

Camping Alone

The only one who bothers me about it is my husband who thinks I put myself in harms way. When I use to go alone so i could spend the weekend fishing, some people think its strange for someone to camp alone. they actually don’t know what they are missing.

You might consider hooking up with a local Boy Scout Troop

Well, if you don’t mind quite a bit of company when you go camping, you might consider hooking up with a local Boy Scout Troop or Venture Crew. I cannot speak for all of them, but most are always looking for adult leadership, the camping cost is extremely low, the food is often good, and you don’t have to cook it yourself unless you want to! Depending on where you are, some of the Scouts can be pretty anal about you fitting in to their “mold”, but I think that many more of them just want everybody to get along and be a good example.

I’ve gone to State Parks alone and never really had anyone question or ask me about it

Now if they’re talking amongst themselves I don’t know. I think people have misconceptions when they see someone by themselves. Right away they think “weirdo”. I always try to say hi and introduce myself to campers in the immediate area to try and relieve any concerns that might be going through their minds. People with kids want to know that someone isn’t going to snatch them up and leave.

Last time I went solo I even had people from behind me stop by my fire cause they thought I needed company. They even offered food but I told them I was good to go. I think I was eating better than them any ways. I did help them to start their fire that they were having trouble with.

I have camped alone with and without children

I have camped alone with and without children and have never felt any threats but I also had a pair of large dogs that camped and slept with us as well, Ceaser a black Great Dane and Seamus a Irish Wolfhound…b oth are gone now, but camping with dogs rules! No guns or stun guns just earned respect from people earned by big dogs! My dogs were never mean bu,t others didn’t know that, they both would growl at strangers but were big lap dogs. I am married now, so hubby is usually camping with me, but I do go off alone off and on and stick to state parks with no troubles. For those who camp alone perhaps finding a local camping group to hang with would ease the nights?

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