Tent Camper – What Sort of Vehicle is Required?


I’m thinking of buying a tent camper and need to know what sort of vehicle I’ll need to tow one. There’s just my wife and myself and our (largish) dog, so we don’t need a large model camper. But I don’t even know how much one weighs. Could I tow one with a Camry for example, or a compact pickup? Would I need a tow package on it? Any suggestions on makes and models would also be appreciated.


Tent Camper

Tent Camper

I would get info on the tent camper and pick one that you like

Since you haven’t bought your camper yet and I’m assuming you do not have your tow vehicle yet you actually can sit down and pick a combination that works together. I would get info on the tent camper and pick one that you and your wife like. Then armed with the size and weight of it go tow vehicle shopping.

I’m not familiar with the Camry’s performance but a compact pick-up would work for a small to mid size tent camper. I pulled mine with a Chevy S-10 pick-up. If you buy used and it does not have the tow package obviously you will need a hitch and wiring harness. I would also add a transmission cooler. For the hitch I would get a frame mounted class III. It will give you more towing options in the future.

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