Window Treatments for RVs?


I’m needing to redo the window treatments on our “vintage” (read..old!) MH and wondered if any of you have ideas, suggestions, etc. I’m just finishing the recovering of the cushions…they were in great shape…the colors were not to my liking…orange and brown tweed…VERY 70’s! LOL

I want something that is easily drawn up/away as I’m a fresh air fanatic. I’m leaning toward pull down shades with a valance, but even those will be about $120 for 4! :-( Mini blinds aren’t wide enough unless I special order. Big bucks!

it there any reason that you couldn’t get two mini blinds for the window? They don’t even really need to be the same size. I was thinking of this for the rv before we got rid of it. It would have been expensive to get the 4-5 foot length that I needed, but I was looking at a 3 foot section and then a shorter section. Then I also could have had more control of sun coming in, neighbors that I didn’t want to look right in, etc.

Also, the way that my RV was set up, was that I had cabinets around where I wanted to put the mini blinds. I was going to add a 1/2 inch thick piece of wood under the cabinets (glued and drilled) and then screw the mini blinds into that. I was going to use velcro ties to hook them in the up position for travel.

I had a similar idea to Liz’s for the wide window by dinette. Only the center portion opens, so we thought of doing a mini blind across the center window, then curtains on the sides, with matching valance over the mini blind. Another idea – rv manufacturers sometimes sell “outdated” inventory to their employees. Don’t know if any of them sell to the public or not, but? I got a day/night shade for a real good price that way. Wish I could find more of those!

Wow, that’s pretty expensive for window treatments. Ever thought about just making some matching curtains to go with your cushions? I like whoever said the two blinds idea, I think that would probably be good, and save you some money as well. I know you can get blinds pretty cheap at places like ACO, and Home Depot, or the closeout stores like Big Lots, and AJ Wright if you have those in your area.